clean tis mess.

i learn how to operate my hysterina la distortia from now on. and with a new skill to parade with, i flourished somewhat and lavishly show them how deep my thoughts and the other me has. oooh. i love drifting, drifting, drifting. dane’s birthday is today and she’s celebrating it with us + 1 of her special someone and 1 nevermind. i thought i could escape popularity, but nah. it’s dane’s bday and i was one of the major star there… and astrid too. PDA may be needed for us. haha. by the way, my angel seems to be sooo much affected with what i had post here the last time. i do mean it, so she do mean it too. good thing she really break my paper thin defense. so there i was, forgiving her. i must.

triple the effort and add some gobbledygook, if ever.

  • spend time with angel after campaign period
  • solve this three bestfriend’s conflict in an approx. time
  • recollect all uncertainties and washed them away
  • reverse the reality again
  • sleep in my bedroom and not in the sala
  • no sala sleeping = no cramming school work
  • stop hysterina la distoria
  • awakening of my volleyball soul
  • be the defensive specialist this year and mvp also, just like last gr.6
  • clean tis mess.
  • stop some artywonkies and drafties
  • scribble the scribbles. love it.
  • read again… vocabulary slips these days.
  • stop messing with gals. they’re magneting to me.
  • complicate recent post

    btw, my mind’s spinning between two… or three, if i mean something vulgar. these three happy friends of mine seems to be confused and hypnotized by each other. i seem to care even though i’m not involved i am. i must solve this conflict coz mine’s already polished. it will take 1 month – 2 weeks before freak out day for MLP. i hate admitting it, but whenever i’m in a middle of, i tend to say things that i musn’t. but not for now. keeping these confidentials will make things for them better, maybe… and i hope so, too. how about the slapping thing? i hope you’re alright (if your reading this MLP) coz that hurts a lot. sorry for making my apprentice do that on you. you really need it though. pasalamat ka pa nde akoh gumawa! kundi 2log kna! you cry though… it’s just that you can hug me, lean on me, and be your crying shoulder. you know it’s one of my characteristic somehow to be spongebob with a twist of korean superstar Rain.

    back to my issue, angel is the one insisting again. she even send some torn artywonky. i appreciate it though even with the crumpled quadrants and rugged sides. she’s always chanting me with 3 mantra words and takes me back to reality. now i realize how much my cost will be. don’t worry my angel. i’ll keep everything in hand aaaaand for two reasons: loving me and loving you. just make yourself busy and never forget me. one more, don’t deny!!! what about the thing you told me that you’ll shout to the world how much i mean to you? hell i care! shout it… i’m lovin’ it. and show me some affection and attention! words may seem not enough. 😦


    ~ by protagonist on July 19, 2006.

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