battle with doppel.

i hate to release my problems and emo, but then whenever i open this web thing, voices inside me tells me not to hesitate. the conflict starts…

hey there... help me out, please.

Conscience 1 : what the hell are you doin?! you must be enjoying this day rather than making yourself hide in a mud.
Conscience 2 : just don’t disturb me and leave me alone, will you? as if u care about me!
Conscience 1 : of course i do! i am the other you… we are one. so please, listen to me.
Conscience 2 : why would i? will it make a big difference to what things i want to change?
Conscience 1 : it sure will do. i know what’s best for you. trust me…
Conscience 2 : i don’t know if i can’t take that. it’s been a merry go round for you and me.
Conscience 1 : i don’t think so! how can u think such things! stop messing around like you don’t even know what’s happening!
Conscience 2 : actually i don’t. i am only left with questions and things to be done.
Conscience 1 : how can u act like that attitude towards math time when mr. carubio became a butt of jokes? i know you want that kind of enjoyment.
Conscience 2 : are you sure? i already had that kind of fun once… not fun but bliss. i don’t know if that feeling is still attached.
Conscience 1 : wa? are you ok?! you’re not even in urself this day.
Conscience 2 : half, i think.
Conscience 1 : i think you need some rest and a little detoxification. everyone around you is worried, don’t you see?
Conscience 2 : i don’t think so. some people i can say. symonne, who share the same problem but with some amishus salavish. rich, who questions our problem and tries to make us laugh, w/c it didn’t work. lastly was josh, who accompany me, asking me, and bothering my self conscience. tnx to them.
Conscience 1 : then stop your nonsense. your making angel disappointed and concerned.
Conscience 2 : does she?
Conscience 1 : she loves you very much. so, yes of course!
Conscience 2 : i hope she do… i don’t like falling on a mare’s nest.
Conscience 1 : she won’t leave and let you down. she’s really busy, like you told me… that’s all. so, are we gonna exchange places now?
Conscience 2 : time will tell.

*poof! Conscience 1 vanished in the midst of a drifting mind.

so there it was. he did tell me some advices. now you know my secret why i keep my secrets rather than releasing it. i don’t have the essential mentality to break curses on me falling towards on someone. but guess what,

i still need YOU, i really do. teach me how to.


~ by protagonist on July 18, 2006.

One Response to “battle with doppel.”

  1. sorry bout today… i really really love you. you know that. don’t doubt about it. I love you… i really do. I’ll make it up to you sometime…

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