(Dramatization Mode)         

this day is a strange and a huge frustrating one. everything went somewhat fine in a couple of an early time. then came about at lunch time, i started to confront my best friend (and so i think it was) and ask him about the bitterness he had on me. he didn’t answer seriously, waving his pride and thinking that he was that strong enough for me. if i had not been patient and angel would be not there, i would disintegrate his face out of the blue. grr… so angel thought again that i was weird. i told her about those things and guess what, a big unconventional help… *sigh. Good thing Jan’s my best friend and ” L na L” koh si angel.

after class, i decided to accompany angel and josh on their way to precipitous subdivi. they held some pictorials and artywonkies there. unfortunately, i was the photographer. good thing again, i was a professional (as told by some photographers) whoa. the elevation’s fine… for them, but not for me. am i a… wall flower? maybe. a star? of course.

 weird isn't it? somewhat like me, like angel thought of.

angel did some drafties of her emotions and i don’t like it. i had this 2 feelings:

1. does she really love me? coz i love her. i rily do. “L na L” if u can say. but i think she’s not.
2. am i the person that she love or just a necessity? damn it. but i hope these things are all canards. she’s busy campaigning, that’s all. lacking time for me. 🙂

(End of Dramatization) 


~ by protagonist on July 17, 2006.

One Response to “weird.”

  1. was that her artwork?

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