fragile but now, broken.

last night dawn, at 2:30, where time is not recognized 

suffering from insomnia, lester and i had some talk between a thousand miles, connecting philippines from las vegas. good thing yahoo is very convenient. uhm.. it’s all about the things that he misses the most and the people that he loved and left. eventually, the topic goes deeper and deeper as time passes by. i remember that i’ve told him some things that even some of my classmates don’t know. it’s all fact with 0% fallacy. i hate saying some things and emotions bowt what had happened to our barkadahan but i thought he should know. and due to the complicated lives we live, we all end up leaving one another… staying away from one another. if we could only rewind those moments twisted with endless laughter. but no, even lester won’t make that change, not even me… not even all of us.

talking to lester and releasing the mixed emotions i had seems to be a great idea, for me, but not for him. he did get disappointed and astonished with all puzzle pieces scattered. he thought of something good, but no no. we just have to accept the fact that not all things in this world is permanent. life sure is fleeting…

now lest, you just have to accept it… this it what we are and what we become.

                     “tormented souls filled with anguish and truth.” 

~ by protagonist on July 16, 2006.

One Response to “fragile but now, broken.”

  1. why does it hav to be like this……

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