past haunts present

due to yesterday’s cell phone lending, another problem arises. i hate to say this but looks like everytime we try to make it right, one problem does come after another. i try everything and hide my sorrow… and wipe tears just before crying, to pretend that i’m strong and be always the one to blame. i don’t want her to be judged as the suspect, coz i love her more than anyone would do… unfortunately, she doesn’t even realize to believe it, no matter how hard i explain. i was always left with things that i had left from the past. it did make my present crumble. but i’m not the person who always look for mistakes from myself. i’l try to work everthing out, with her help and with HIS help. i hope this will clear things out for me. i hate crying but it’s one of my passion… showing how much i love you, even though you didn’t see it.

i’m strong enough for this. sana ikaw din… if you really do love me.


~ by protagonist on July 15, 2006.

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