infinity droplets

days are passing and still, the rain won’t stop pouring. my buddy computer has lost her ability to surf while i lost my ability to hang on. cards seem to be the only artywonkies that I can come up with. i hate losing, but winning every time is not really that exciting and exhilarating. the funeral in front of my grandmother’s house makes things even worst. i cannot do music mosaics and drum gestures coz it needs a little blast off. my mother always bothers me when i do some instrumentals and singing.  

Mom: tigilan mo nga yang kalokohan mo! Hindi mo ba alam na nabubulabog mo yung patay?!
ME: (huh? It’s already dead. How can it suppose to hear my music?) oo na, eto hinihinaan na…
Mom: Hinaan mo nga sabi!
ME: (shut up! Hindi nga maririnig! Kulet naman) Ang hina na kaya nyan!
Mom: e d patayin mo na lang yan!
Mom: Yan… nakakahiya no
ME: (kaw lang naman ung nakakahiya eh)

Mom: Tigilan mo yan. Harang yan dito. Saka nag-iingay ka nanaman, Alisin mo ha!?
ME: (Bastusan namana oh…) Fine, aalisin na
Mom: Aba, sumasagot pa
ME: (Nagtanong kaya) ….

hate it… music’s my passion too! gosh, staying in this culvert type of place is a chill too. if i could just run and soar with Angeli, then i could spend these frustrating days without the ting lings. as a matter of fact, i’m reading books and reviewing past lessons i had. (nevermind all the dates posted on this blog. It has some date and time errors) nevertheless, i must do some things that’s out of my schedule and hysterically inefficient. exams on Monday and i must concentrate on this.



~ by protagonist on July 14, 2006.

One Response to “infinity droplets”

  1. there are times that they do not really understand what we do right now…and actually it hurts because they are the ones who doesnt understand our passion… T____T

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