child’s play day

rain has stopped for a while and it gave us some time to fix things. we eventually cope up with all the days with waters drumming our roofs. they still do the same things to accompany and repel kabagutan’s spirit. Tong its and Mahjong are 2 of them. and while they are spending their quality time stashing their money, my cousins and i still played cards, especially Yu-gi-oh! on a damp bedroom again. Phooey! after the session, we decided to have a water sprinkling match… too bad they don’t have the right weapon for the right occasion. Haha. i just used the sprinkler used before ironing the clothes. well, they did get wet… soaking wet. on the other hand, i didn’t. too bad for them. i just…                         

laugh… laugh…laugh.                    


Muhahahaha… that’s about it! Ciao folks!


~ by protagonist on July 14, 2006.

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