1000 commotions

since the preparation stage of the politics, my colleagues started arguing with each other and side comments mushrooms from here to here. it started somehow with just a little understanding and a big misunderstanding. both Zarah’s team vs. My Angel’s team is the eye of the storm. and on that day, we finally resolved the conflicts by the usage of English time and a rational decision of the highest authority. from bruises to scratches to meltdowns… we all end up saying,”peace na!” even though they are political enemies, my Angel and my Einstein friend is now peace out again… good thing they are both honest and unselfish. whew… 

How about a list? Here it is.

  1. Angeli Pontillas [My Angel] is doing dirty politics, which is not
  2. Chrizarah San Juan is doing dirty politics too, but not really
  3. Aira Sanidad suggested a little peek-a-boo…
  4. Czarina Escalicas with an assist to my Angel
  5. Gelline Domingo with an assist too
  6. Kira De Ocampo with the turn-over make-up decision and a wacky explanation
  7. Kathleen Reyes with the release of 1,000,000,000 /pif to Patricia Dacayo
  8. Verni Alarcon with the flawless statement synonymous to Kathleen Reyes
  9. Patricia Dacayo’s weak defense and awful collection + explanation
  10. Dane Jornacion with the slight reluctance to me
  11. My answer which bring about a great levity
  12. Flordeliza Grumo with the award of being “WALANG KAALAM-ALAM”
  13. Jan Perianes with the chilling effect again and the “KLSP Drama Act”
  14. Donna Lopez for sabotaging the primary sequence
  15. Timothy De Jesus with his Peace Maker speech version
  16. Our English Teacher, which is our Principal, rejuvenates everyone
  17. The Reconciliation of Everyone
  18. Big Hug for Everyone
  19. A tight lovable hug with my angel… love it
  20. A hug with Zarah… yipee
  21. Crying session for some respondents
  22. KLSP effect still lingers Jan Perianes
  23. Irwin “Blush-On, Nose bleed, Zonrox, Bakla” Miraflores is going eksena again
  24. My eksena effect with Verni Alarcon

25.-999.  The desolation of the mare’s nest



~ by protagonist on July 14, 2006.

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