1 month + a day to celebrate

today is one day belated from our monthsary, July 14. i kinda freaked my angel out yesterday… because of not going, darn it… people here and weather did make her constantly angry. good thing I have the habit of apologizing with a little twist, and that make me happy… really happy. she started holding my hands and I started hugging her… chansing daw. we’ll this day is really, really, really, really great! i definitely feel a great bliss right now. i received a card and she did too, with the confiscated cd but was then retrieved after class… guess what, she also won the presidency of the English club… and that make her happy coz it was her dream(even though she’s the former president) and i was defeated… hehe… 7 votes. well anyway, i’m not using any cell phones right now coz angel took it and used it as a communication for their tomorrow’s sumthing for election. Good thing, i’m gonna accompany them at Kristen’s house… wee~               


[p.s.] tnx for spending some time reading my blog post cuz Joanna… I appreciate ur effort, and praise

~ by protagonist on July 14, 2006.

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