Once upon a time…


peria and i settled at my grandmother’s house for some quenchers. some unfinished business are to be done as fast as possible. the form’s really that demanding. we end up waiting for about 30 minutes for just waiting our guidance councilor whose been sitting in her chair the whole time. Crap. we also saw our beloved classmates, and my dear beloved angel Astrid. many causes of delays have been sprouting (sisilay pa kasi keh kira si peria). after the errands at school, we rushed to UP with little knowledge to where we are going. Hehe. sun’s out and it’s raining hard, very hard. the campus is larger than it looks. i declare to enter the Palma building which really is the place to be… but peria demanded. he wanted to go to some house of him in quezon nowhere city. I end up saying “yes” coz he apply the words, “dun tayo kakain” coz i’m definitely hungry… really hungry. when we came to that first-expression damp area, his sister, nerdy but beautifully weird ryana and lucky manzano look-alike is watching NAWUTO! the sister was obviously a die hard fan of naruto coz she watches episode 1 to the end several times! Hehe… love that anime. i completely like the place although I didn’t enjoy staying there. freaked out of what to do, we simply go to UP at 4, crawling with just 150php we had. we walk here and there, clueless of where we will go and what we will do, ending up going to the same places that we outrun before. crap, its turning merry go rounds. now, ive decided to trust my instincts and stop getting fallacies from peria. Hehe. alas, we came to the place and passed the form. It took us for about 15 minutes to finish it. Then we go merry go rounds again… finding the right place where to ride a 4 wheeled kalesa look-alike(jeepney). and for the entire merry go round thing, we finally finished all that has to be done. riding the 4 wheeled kalesa look-alike and soaring the sands of sins. whew… let’s call it a day!

that’s about the UPtrip we experienced. till next time… but no more silly decisions! i love it though… it’s a once in a lifetime being popular in UP by just walking around… wink*





~ by protagonist on June 27, 2006.

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