angels and butterflies

Suffering from nostalgia, everything works out fine… everything. Last Friday I had some great time and tide over people around me, especially my classmates. Welcome program for the newbies in SPHS sure did give me a time to enjoy and assure. Guess what, this colleague of mine did some teknik of his own and make himself a “drama king”. In our perspective, the reason of that publicity is because of that kitchie nadal with a twist of barbie almalbis. Don’t like comparisons huh? How about proportion? Ehehe… so for now, my advice is to stop all the nonsense and make your teknik a more vivid one and a 21st century style… not in the dinosaur era. By the way, my angel is falling… on an angel too. I don’t know what to say but… I think I got this feeling for that angel. Kinda weird huh? Same goes for my appearance coz I wear these nerdy glasses and started to look odd. Maybe concealing the real charismatic me is the best solution for now.

About my best friend’s issue, revenge is sweet for her old materialistic liar girlfriend. I’ll make her pay… by making her fall in love. Yes, fall. Now butterflies will die in vain and no vanity.



~ by protagonist on June 25, 2006.

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