a breach week

Since the “lola” issue is resolved, we try to connect with each other yesterday. She accompanied me to PNB in order to pay my UPCAT fees. She’s so quiet and a very intimidating kind. Sigh* well anyway, days of this half dozen + 1 compilation is sumwhat weird (for me, and even me) arise of jealousy, crawl in the misty me, and love for self-centered crowds of one, two, three.Anyway, my works as a lothario is fading. (Don’t take the unusual word, a big deal. Just take it as some kind of magical me, charming.) A complete cereal and snacks definitely terminate with extreme prejudice. Maybe getting back in being a librettist (libretto thingy) could make a big shifting of events. So for now, I’ll equip myself again with lorgnette and make the operetta a fallacious one.



~ by protagonist on June 25, 2006.

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