the other me.

Dear Myself,

            For too long I have lived, stood, and faced obstacles with you. Every rock bombardments we caught and fell together. Raindrops that poured on our cheeks always reminds me of the emotions that I had left since autumn. My shared sensations with you sometimes lost in the midst of the scorching sun. I prolonged every success and failures with you. Thy weaknesses are trampled with our 2 feet. Serenading times with you felt like forever… and so it was. You may and may not seem to be there at all times. I’m sorry for abusing my powers as an angel. I thought I would fall, but you were there, pushing me in a devil’s snare… so is the balance of me. Now as I walk towards the light of nowhere, I know you’re with me… all along.


Truly Yours,

Your Doppelganger


~ by protagonist on June 19, 2006.

One Response to “the other me.”

  1. talking to yourself is not strange at all…believe me i also do that… do continue

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