no straight Berlin

Mis Scusi, Mis Scusi!!

(don’t know what’s the meaning… but it’s somehow funny when a gay says it. Haha.)


I was just sitting, waiting, wishing in this hot seat computer chair that I had. with no things to do and same old things I had, ive decided to watch this dvd that I had borrowed from my cuz last 2 weeks. i’m not interested in the dvd’s layout but somehow I try it. Guess the saying, “don’t judge the book by its cover” turned out to be applicable here. Nice! Eurotrip is just one of the movies that I’ll watch over and over again!! every detail that the movie had is great… and fantastic (not only the wild thingies) from Scotty doesn’t know, Administration of the Testicle Clamps, and to the Biggest Sausage-Fest on Earth!! and guess what, Scott just travel maybe the whole Europe just to have a confessional booth sex with her accidentally judged-for-being a male pen pal but a sexy, hot, European and very… ow Mieke. Scotty is really one crazy pope and a great robot too, who kick robot balls… hehe. the cast is also great, from Kristin Kreuk (my favorite actress in Smallville) to Steve Hytner (The Green Fairy who just came out from that green illegal drink, Absinth or Absinthe, whatever.) the storyline is soooo great that it did make me LOLTUD! Ow, tnx to Manchester Blah blah team who somehow makes the story a little weird. so if you’re not a Manc, you’re a wank! Well at least you can watch this movie… and dream of having a Mieke-like European Pen pal. Hehe…     

i’ll have my own Eurotrip this coming summer break… but no Mieke to have a confessional booth sex with… haha… jokes!! But the trip’s no joke.


when does the fairy get laid? Sorry Absinth Green Fairy! No European something for you!! Hahaha…



~ by protagonist on June 14, 2006.

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