a complete excerpt; soulmate 102

It is official. I'm another year older and I'm saying goodbye to fourteen and say hello to fifteen. My morning started just right…my sister was the first one to greet me and then our helpers at home sang a happy birthday song, ate cereal for breakfast with my sister and my cousin, received a Happy Birthday kiss from my Dad, I lied down on my mom's bed to give her a morning kiss, a devotional book from kuya and an organizer from his girlfriend, a offline IM from my sister and a birthday wish from my bestfriend….nothing could be better. I'm overwhelmed about it.

The date is perfect, June 12, then the day after that (which is tomorrow) is the first day of school. It is perfect for a new start. I'll start everything from scratch. Forget all my worries and look forward for tomorrow.

Thank God I'm a year older now! All I wanna do now is to pray and read the book my brother gave me. There are so many things I want to thank. Actually I'm getting emotional now (y'know guys, I'm softy at times) and mixed emotions are coming in and out of my head! Well to ask you a question, have you ever thank people who mean so much to you at your birthday? And have you ever raised your hands to the skies and thank the Lord that he gave you another year to live?

I was reflecting about what I was when I was fourteen. Many challenges came up to me and the real world is slowly showing up to me and making my eyes and heart open to what is really happening. I have sacrificed a lot of things even the thing that I really loved, I have learned to move on despite all of the darkness that was blocking my light, I have learned to love again, and I have learned my lessons in all of my mistakes. A lot has happened to me when I was fourteen.

And now I'm fifteen, like I said, I'll start everything from scratch, refresh myself to have a good start in my brand new life.

my soulmate's  blog post…. just wanna share. Happy Birthday Telay!!

~ by protagonist on June 12, 2006.

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  1. aww…even post my blog post..haha..thanks!

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