dedicted to.

i don't really know her. just by the name, and some little facts

 Ala kitchie De mi estrela

Kristine Raphaielle De Ocampo

  • Rakista
  • Weird
  • Kitchie Look Alike! (Mayie daw sabi ni Jeff… bulag kxe)
  • Candidate for Honor

(tama ba?) oh by the way, this post is about my new classmate. i decided to put something like this coz… nothing.


 ala akoh mailagay dito sa blog… so e2 nalang. 2tal madami ako masasabi… cguro.


well she's somehow cute (kamuka ni kitchi nadal. hehe) and a little weird at first sight. i don't talk to her… but she's the one who insist. i'd like to say something, but everyone's around her.


   sana parang ung keh Gelline… peo wag ung latter part. it's sick.


and know what, she's a candidate for honor! uhm… on my point of view, she's somehow good and maybe fluent in english(if only Mam v2g is present, she might agree with me) and good at expressing ideas. though she never showed her true potential or anything, i must keep alert or she'll beat me!! haha…

guess that concludes my perspective… hope i can have some time with her, like with Gelline… too.




~ by protagonist on June 9, 2006.

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