vanity works for me.

  "this maybe vanity but it's another leap for mankind… and also for a great me" 


yesterday, i had this haircut(though i never wanna had, time for a change) and a little change for hygene… my hair's getting a little spiky but a little shaggy… sumhow it's kinda weird… but cute, somehow. there's much to my appearance than it is before… coz know what, i just got criticize… a good criticism.

 "ang gwapo ni kuya ben!!" donna muttered…

 "yes, gwapo natin ngaun ah!! i like u!" Kristen added…

 "naks! nag-gel ka? whoo…" Donkey Kong said…


and others…  i forgot.


well this day just got me accompanied by the most influential ghost that swims within the stream of my conscripted mind. flow here, flow there. it did gave me some adjustments, but for the better now. time for some nostalgia de memoria to be abolished. face the truth charming one! hehe… this is for the better.



~ by protagonist on June 7, 2006.

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