vacuity to levity.

1 is enough,

2 is too much,

3 is a crap.


First day of classes: nothing special, just pure Lad Ida personas. Working on every step to a greater future, ive decided to awaken myself and used the spare time… for rejuvenating myself, and enlightening too. Too many words to be said, too much work to be done… everything just spins around the axis of my self-centered consciousness. And with every conclusion, there’s always a little sacrifice… maybe more. Chillin out with weird jeff and josh isn’t enough.

      Unfortunately, my roots seem to suck up everything… as if im not the person I was right now. Sheesh… my leaves are getting torn apart again… soon this blooming season will end… And so is the wind of life.


 Life does goes by


   "There’s more to it than meets the eye"


~ by protagonist on June 5, 2006.

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