nothing much had happened today. Time flies when your enjoying right? Now, time flies without wings. I hate boring days! Good thing my favorite baking show continued its role in entertaining me. Haha. No more replays! Well anyway, our plan in going to Batangas in getting nearer and nearer. beach time! Muhaha. And within this day, unlimited texters just keep texting me quotes… and jokes. My pc buddy didn’t act too well today. Well, kulet isn’t around, right bud? And with everything meat food today, ive decided to eat a salmon in a can (guess this type won’t have a monosodium glutamate added.) yey! And that’s about it for now. Off to my Learning Spanish book!                          


  Ayan ka nanaman Verna kulet, nagpapamiss nanaman ulet.  

  Ako din naman ang mamimiss mo…  smile!  

  Miss you too…                                               


~ by protagonist on June 1, 2006.

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