Part II – mystery batangas

I’ve been woken up by the harutan of my lolo and ate ching. Anoh ba yan Papa! Ang tanda moh na! well anyway, breakfast was that yummy… uhm… never mind the contents. And for this day, I don’t like to swim. I will sleep and gave the multiple of days that I have been late sleeping. Kakaantok! Well anyway, after taking lunch, we decided to go home. Guess everyone must be really tired. We took the short way going home. Our navigator must be really impressed with dad. Pipili lang kasi ng dadaanan, ung malayo pa. Navigator ba natin yan? Haha. Bad bad. Ow, almost forgot, we parade again to 2 more burial ceremonies! Haha.. “napakaswerte naman natin! papa shouted. Uhm… and while going home, I have collected dad’s conclusions and observations. Haha… ung iba nga nde eh! C dad kc eh! Naiigno!

  • 2 of the maids that my papa had have been named to 2 of my special someone, Melody and Ching… coincidence? Haha.
  • Jellyfishes are hard when stomped, but when grabbed, it’s soft and squiggly. Protection huh?
  • Tricycles in Batangas have low roofs and small wheels for the sidecar. Nde kc sanay sa ganon! Pare-pareho kc sa Antipolo!
  • San Miguel is a long way. But if u took the city, it’s nearer. uhm… just 3 streets and you’re there. Hmm… mahilig pala sa geography si dad!

That’s about it!! Haha… smile!


~ by protagonist on June 1, 2006.

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