Part I – cozy batangas

It’s Sunday, and hasn’t had a post for Saturday. So here it goes:

I woke up early due to my tita’s scream. Darn it, always. Well anyway, were off to Batangas and my head is not feeling well. Puyat kc ng puyat. Well on the way there, we fetched my Papa and his colleague. That guy would be the navigator for our trip. We took a long trip coz we simply don’t know where to go. Guess what, we started parading with a burial ceremony! Hehe.         

“Tawa pa cla ng tawa dahil ihi daw ako ng ihi” excited eh!! Haha…

Off came there. the place was called BLUE CORAL. haha… no big deal. we arranged our things and started swimming on the beach. Bj’s really hasn’t gone off to a beach lately so… afraid of the wide scenery that she saw. And as usual, pictures here, pictures there. But I’m the one who’s taking pictures! Huhu… but I’m a certified photographer! ow, the foods here are too expensive!

biruin mo ba naman…  

 250 for breakfast  

 250 for lunch  

 120 for mirienda (little sandwich and a bottomless juice, this is the crap.)  

 250 for dinner!  

 Fixed pa menu! Xet!

Haha… with every little thing and every little cozy places, I sure somehow gets sleepy! Hehe. I spent my entire day sleeping after all the fun! And crap it was. No signal… I can’t connect clearly to my hun. Well anyway, her challenge is over. She really gives me the creeps last night! Thank goodness…          




~ by protagonist on June 1, 2006.

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