Operation: self love

Dissociate love. Mundane love. Hesitation love. Self love. 

Recognize the title? nevermind. copycat's being active again. 


Today was better than last night. well, this hun of mine started putting up things that's out of my league. and being an absent person i was, i didnt't notice the 10:30 carpio. haha. kanto term for curfew. somehow she didn't want to be disturbed or something. i don't know. am i the one be the sense of all guiltness? well anyway, dealing with a naysayer is that hard! i hardly don't need Eyemo for my eyes to tear up. i just said to myself, " mahal na mahal kita, ba't di ka maniwala? "

i hang up at 2am and and woke up 11 hours after. ehem.. my hun alarm won't be ringing for what had happened last night. so i ate up the half-eaten nemo and started jujitsu-ing up dishes. the time when i was watching this wasp variety show that my lola had been staring all time, i realized that somewhat, summer should be fun right? and love should be sweet. yet it didn't. it is not el niño season right? yet it did.

if you were reading this right now, my apology. i was always the one to blame. i should have been more understanding than you.

i thought for a moment and 1 thing just entered this splendid mind of mine:

" You gotta love yourself to be loved right? " 


thanks trish… you helped a lot. even without you knowing it.


~ by protagonist on June 1, 2006.

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