genesis – rebirth.

dyiele, dyiele.. ive decided 2 had a blog here at wordpress just becoz, aw well, a caligarphic, sumthin ethnical style and simplicity.

mother's day is just as great as eating pudding and spinach marshmallows!! guess what, i only greet and hug my mother and poof*! everything went out ok! i've decided to make this day right! tnx to my instincts, my budget this summer won't had a negative sign! and with enough guts to spill out, i txtd my hun's mother and tita just to greet them. and it did somehow paid off? maybe…

well nyway, Happy Mother's Day 2 all mom's der!! (guess m0m's round der w0n't hear me, haha. just shout out!) nyaw!

~ by protagonist on June 1, 2006.

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