far reunion.

Another unsuspected visitor. von voyage friend! haha. Lester just came online last night! he seems ok in that Fat City(dunno why. its hot in Nevada, ryt?) he somehow end up in some mind-boggling experiences and turned into a changed man! time for perverted lester to shine. dyeile. gud luck and God bless Lest!

here he is. in case you haven't seen him.


  ow. got some news round my Merry Go Round. and guess what, this stupid perverted bully fat jolly joker harsh leader has somehow changed too. (obviously like bestfriends) his name is rich, a really good friend of mine. uhm, his weakness is just a simple sister that i have?! (not literally blood related. haha.) name's marghie. uhm.. dunno why it came up that way. but it did hapenned. unfortunately, due to some barriers (hope i'm not one of them. naks!) my friend started giving up. i thought it could end up in some wonderland of mine, but no… petrificus totalus.

a perfect picture. 

Richie and Marghie 

Let me share his tiny-winy idea. tweet tweet. how sad.

i used to make the light shine 4 u
the sun have left my sky
velvet walls surround my sorrow
ived sacrificed my pride
but your giving up on me
giving up on me
i lay my head asleep 2nyt
i know it played only in my mind
and now i throw it all away
a shattered memory that u wud stay
through thick and thin with me
but your giving up on me!!!!!!!
when u fil d pain im wishing i could stay…..i never said it woudnt hurt
ill never be around 2 stay………………..
giving up……..

that's about it for now. hope they deserve a good state, ryt?

like lester on that Fat City. wish i could get fat too. haha.


~ by protagonist on June 1, 2006.

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