”Over 40,000 miles, 54 cities, 9 continents, Bj and Tyler, you are the official winners of the Amazing Race”  haha. For the first time that I have been watching the Amazing Race, my chosen team has made it through the finals and wins! Big laugh!

 17 jumps of joy…

 6 sigh…

 98 heartbeats per minute…

 14 yahoo whispers…

 4 smiles of laughter…

 9 feet stomps…

 And a big applause                         

Impressions I had made since they won. Whew, that takes some math. I could express more if the time would be that late. 2nd place in season 6 2nd place in season 7 2nd place in Family Edition 1st place in Amazing Race 9! Once again, a big round of applause for Bj and Tyler!


 Change topic….


Last night, kulet  woke me up! Uhm… about an hour or 2 when I last slept. She informs me about her own challenge, “Hindi koh kakausapin Hun k0h in a Day”. Well obviously she didn’t make it coz she text me at that state! Haha. And with that conclusion, she recommends another day of her challenge. Oh brat. Anyway, she told me that it was the last, and I hope this was not one of her excuses.            


Muka namang hindi eh. Miss na miss nga ako eh. Nakaw. Nambobola pa eh.


Therefore, patience… patience!  tss..


~ by protagonist on June 1, 2006.

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