should be doing things myself. i'm not suppose to mimic any claims that i just started normally. i wake up late again. guess my hun alarm didn't wake up earlier before me. left overs still covers the dinning table that suppose to be washed after eatin. a complete mess. blasted members. they should be the one doing jujitsu style on this plates. hmmp! what a thought. then i started doing chubibo thingys. suste! yu-gi-oh! cards should be fun right? heck i lose to a weakling cousin. haha. guess my strategy wasn't good after all.

i did some cheatin' but still no struck of luck. xet

finally, after some time of playing, pinsan won't return the favor. he needed a break. now ive decided to download some mp3s to fill up this hungry pc of mine. alas! nearly 500 mp3s. still long way to go, and hun still gives me the creeps. she's always have something to do. what more if prank school days come? drought. just drought.

haha. downloading hours are over.  and stop messing around with my mp3s! as my little sister started cramping up the system… ow. but ive got some emotional problems to face. darn myself. i always do mimicry. and that habit should be avoided, ryt?

"you're nothing but a second rate, trying hard, COPYCAT!"



~ by protagonist on June 1, 2006.

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