nebula? star please..

another star, maybe nebula has dropped by crashed in my freaky gaia.(well actually can't tell if it's gaia or terra… oh nevermind.) well nyway, dis star, or nebula (stop using metaphors please!) ok, verna.. uhm.. she does gave an impression in my life today. i thought that i can never forget that 2nd love of mine. nevermind that… back 2 verna… i don't know how i felt this… but somehow, i end up saying, "oo nga, mahal koh siya". Then these w0rds starts to repeat and repeat by itself in my spotless brain… wow, she really gave a BIG impression towards me! but s0mehow, her family disagrees… well not becoz of me(coz they practically agree on me), but becoz of her age… 13maybe 2 young nah. love does not need requirements. its not some job for you to make a biodata. but somehow, you got to impress them… 

it's been a long time… She loves me, She loves me not.  tada!! no more naysayers behavior…

well i thought you would like 2 see her. i put up a little pic here. don't judge, just look!


hUn kOh..


~ by protagonist on June 1, 2006.

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