Nintendo will not stop giving gamers of the handheld a mindblow and a run for their money. When they first released the 3ds, kids of all ages are wowed with the omg-no-3d-glasses-gaming and step-up graphics compared to the former DS. And just when they thought the whole new experience is enough, for Nintendo, it’s not. Now, they released a bigger, slicker model: The Nintendo 3ds xl.

It’s not a surprise that the 3ds xl would sell in the picky market today. Surpassing the regular 3ds with its 90% larger screen, anyone would find it more enjoyable to play on a screen that lets you see miniscule details and Dead or Alive fighter’s skin exposure more. Physically, the glossy overall is overhauled using matte finish, lessening fingerprints residue while and after playing. The unit comes with 4 colors: Blue, Pink, Red and Black. Apart from the regular colors, Nintendo also designed limited edition eye-candy designs that will make everyone’s piggy bank break. The battery capacity is three times off the regular 3ds meaning longer playing time meaning hoorah. Backward compatibility is still intact, letting you play old DS games and DSi wares. And of course, it comes with the preinstalled programs from before: from Face Raiders, a gyro-utilized, camera-utilized game to AR Games, well, an augmented reality game. It also comes with a 4gb memory card instead of the 2gb of the 3ds. Finally, it can still take 3d photos, connect to friends, other players and wireless hotspots with its wireless Streetpass and Spotpass communication modes.

But the 3ds xl doesn’t come without flaws. Retaining on the clamshell design once again is susceptible to the previous DS case to happen: hinge snap horror. And with you frequently opening the handheld, it’s not a surprise that you might end up with two units, if your toddler’s side comes out and about. So no horse-gaming when bullying, mkay? Another that Ninty didn’t fix is the 3d sweet spot. When playing, you have to be on a standstill to fully enjoy the 3d in the span of your gametime. The audio is toned down drastically comparing to the 3ds, pushing you to plug your headset or earphones. A total bummer to people who wants their environment mixing the gaming environment. Let’s not forget about region-locking. US games for US units, JP games for JP units respectively that makes every gamer hassle buy another unit for this simple reason.

In conclusion, the 3ds xl gives a fair upgrade of experience the 3ds didn’t offer: The larger screen being the main element. It might be bulkier than its predecessor, but it gets the job done as one of the next-generation portable gaming and probably, the ultimate 3D entertainment system.


August 1, 2014

I want an overly attached girl.

I want someone who calls or text me as if we’re not together the whole day. If she can’t contact me, she’ll exhaust all means just to hear my voice but gets mad after. She would sound joyful and ecstatic on the other line even I sound so tired she won’t mind. She’ll keep herself entertained with a lame me but eventually I’m gonna get influenced by her joy. If I sound occupied, she’ll distract me. Her restrictions are exaggerated like I shall never talk to girls cuz I end up flirting with them somehow and they will hope. She will boast stories about me to her friends, however embarassing it is. All my flaws she will love, all my positives she will hide and deny because she thinks, even I don’t, that I am smart, or somehow got looks, or my voice is charming because she thinks she might lose me because of those. She will love me at my worst, she will love me at my worse best and she doesn’t care about my feelings at all and that’s why I love her the same way.

When we’re together, all things, even when done again and again, however boring, we’ll never get tired of each other and with all of it. She’ll make the day like we’re the only one in the world. She wouldn’t mind anyone, wouldn’t care about anyone, wouldn’t even notice anyone cuz… eyes on me. She will take me to places I haven’t been before. She will research about it for weeks on how to get there and on the day, I’ll just end up doing the guide cuz she doesn’t have a sense of direction. She’ll hold my hand if I don’t. She’ll grab my arm and cling on to it like a koala or better, put it on her waist and swoon. I then will pinch her waist and then she’ll react violently cute. If we’re going to eat, she’ll drag me to places she feels like, regardless of what my decision is and then eventually I’ll enjoy it. She’ll make me eat disgusting things she love that I hate but I will still eat anyway. She can speak nonstop in a whole overnight, retelling about experiences. She will stay up until I end up falling asleep or she needs something to do for tomorrow. She will get sad and never let go of my hand when we’re to separate way. She will kiss me on the lips, run but will then look back, smiling as she leaves.

She will support and spoil me. She reads my entire blog and checks it everyday or as many as she can and sometimes demands some, or even all of the upcoming blog posts be her. She’ll lay out funds for my gaming addiction when I can’t support us both or when I’m broke because she is too, a gamer. And even if she doesn’t like a game, she’ll adapt to it, just to beat the crap out of me or just to play the game with me. She will spoil me in whatever I wanted to buy and even I don’t want to buy. I will refuse and she will just smile and offer it again. In sickness, she will take care of me and never leave my side. She will do the things I needed to do apart from doing what she needed to do. If she’s sick, she’s not gonna let me leave until she gets well. And if I don’t know that she is, she will hide and fake her sickness just to show that she’s okay and just to be normal and cheery when with me.

When we argue or a disagreement occurs, she means everything she says except the bad things when she’s mad. She will always be open and honest with me at all times. She will forgive me for whatever I did wrong, whether it’s just her assumptions but will throw bad blood on me later on. And when she said those things, she regret it afterwards, apologizes and run back to me like a child, pleading like she did wrong to me even though sometimes I am to blame. I don’t care if she’s impatient. She never will say giving up and letting me go or regretting anything in loving me. She will give up everything I tell her to, whether friends I don’t feel like or things that bother me. She waits not even a day for our argument to not be resolved. If I don’t approach her, she will, pleadingly. When we’re good, she or I will suddenly hit each other with anything we can pick up, blabbering our faults and then we’ll hug each other and laugh afterwards.

We will then talk about our future and of how many of this and how many of that. She’ll support me in many ways than one, whether I will fail in life or succeed. And if I fail and get poor as fuck, she will be there, supporting us while I, be the effin house husband cuz that’s what she likes. If I succeed, she will still make me a house husband cuz she doesn’t want any officemates of mine to flirt with me or what.

I want someone who will hug and kiss me anytime and anywhere she feels like, even when I push or stop her from doing it. I want someone who’ll never stop loving me and only me, never let me go and will never get tired of how shit I am or I will become. She will love me for who I am and for who I am not and she will not demand anything but be loved back and yes I will, with all my faulty heart.

I m…

Feel check.

July 24, 2014

The feeling…

…of not being needed.
…of overdemanding attention from someone and not getting it.
…of doing everything and feeling not appreciated after it.
…of trying to fix things and end up messing it up more.
…of having to fake smiles because you don’t want to look too helpless
…of trying to restrain yourself from things that would hurt you more but you still do them anyway
…of doubting your self-worth
…of not being necessarily sad, just empty
…of not really knowing what the fuck you’re actually feeling.
…of needing help but no one to run to.
…of trying to look tough but realizing no mask could hide how vulnerable and fragile you really are.
…of ending up hating yourself because you have no idea how to solve your own fucking problems.
…of giving your all to someone who, you know, won’t even fight for you.
…of not being understood.
…of understanding another instead but being pushed away.
…of exerting effort and shrugging it off in one go.
…of someone giving up on you in a heartbeat.
…of not wanting to feel everything at all.

That’s what. Toodles.


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