November 13, 2014

probably something similar to hug me i’m sCared 3. nighttime is pErfect since i hate the heat and that my skin might get tanned instantly. i want the mat Laid on the ground to be checkered red. any colored mat I guess. i want a basket beside containing not chickeN but my favorite snacks and niblets: crEam-o vanilla, hello panda, knick knack, iced tea, and a pizza perhaps… with much mushroom, and much cheese thank you Very much. gamEs to pass time such as uno stacko or word guessing are great with matching shouts and random story sharing the whole time. venue could be with A few people or two. a band or a noisy background is fine Too. we wouldn’t mind theiR businesses anyway. rainIng seems to be the perfect conclude to a perfect event. we Can share an umbrella or run for it while laughing as it ends a moment of bliss and accompaniment. Finally, we then wish that the day is longEr and the time is slower.

…then it happened and it was way, way better than i expected.

feel check two.

October 12, 2014

How long can I keep myself strong for everyone who needs me?

I’m trying to help everyone but it turns out I am needing the help myself. And I can’t even do it my own. And there’s no one else to turn to.


…Yep, I’m here. I’m here for myself and I will continue what I’m doing so smile.

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.

…is bliss.

September 28, 2014

Waking up is as easy as cooking eggs. I started the day by grabbing my laziness and laying it down on the comfy sofa, replacing me. I then checked Facebook for my breakfast served digitally. Not much not much so I grabbed a piece of imagination and started wishful thinking of what the day will spank and serve at me. The sun will smile at me, the air will feel me and the day will deliver me.

The sun did smiled too much, making me perspire as if I have a fever to ditch. The air felt me but I never felt it. The day… Hell yea. Being accompanied by Lauren mi amor Mayberry and Matty mi baby Healy’s voices, here goes:

The interview went great. It’s probably because of the fact that I managed to answer the interviewer in the way that I would talk to anyone – casually and enjoying it. Even brought out my 3ds so cool right? Guess those encouraging text messages worked even though I’m actually laughing at it. Totally sublimial and contagious. Now I wait for the verdict. Positively or negatively, whatever, it was worthwhile.

After which I ecstatically chased the 3ds meet for today. Mini tourney for me and super smash skill showcase. What could be more fun than that right? So I traversed back the momentarily heat route back and arrived unexpectedly just in time even late.

Okay post getting long. Fast forwarding I win the mini tourney flawlessly (BENTE PESOS MEHN) and profoundly showed my smash skills by illegal logging and master sword swinging. I totally miss attending my weekly gaming meets. I should really go back to what I am back then. It was all fun and if not, distracted, before all these came. Should have stayed more. Should have spent time more. Oh well, back to dealing with bullshit.



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